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Welcome to the Key Indicators Database

The Key Indicators Database (KIDB) is ADB's central statistical database and one of the world's most comprehensive resources for macroeconomic and social indicators from across Asia and the Pacific.

Containing data on 49 ADB regional member economies from 2000 onwards, the KIDB provides 1,192 indicators relating to national accounts, prices, government finance, trade, balance of payments, money and banking, external debt, population, labor force, and social indicators.

Data were last updated on 01 January 2021. The data are updated annually in line with the release of Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific.

View figures by individual economy

View key figures for each of the 49 ADB regional member economies included in the KIDB.

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Browse macroeconomic and social indicators relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals and the eight thematic areas of the KIDB.

Create custom charts and graphs

Use ADB's latest statistical data to generate tables and graphics based on your specified member economies, indicators, and years.

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